Thursday, 31 March 2011

March's Reading

Ooh aaaah eeee oooo ummm. Not much to report on the reading front. Still plugging away at the same non fiction. Started on Rawls' A Theory of Justice, which is a course text. I finished the Malazan Book of the Fallen, a journey (of 3.5 million words) that felt strangely less emotional than I was expecting. Definitely worth a read if you're feeling up to diving into a large and complex fantasy series.

Next up was David Weber's Out of the Dark, which was a bit.. meh. An interesting idea which didn't really develop until towards the end. This is fine itself, but I didn't find the rest of the book to be particularly noteworthy (unless if you like hearing about different models of guns that is). I picked up the book expecting the 'twist' from the start because it was given away by the description on Amazon. Bah humbug. If you want to try some Weber give his Starfire books a go.

Having a Fitt

Look at these poor tiny little buttons. What have Adobe's users done to deserve such tiny little things when there is no apparent need for them? According to Fitts's Law speed to get intercept an interaction area is a function of distance and target size. Or in other words, small buttons are difficult to get to and click, especially if they're far away. I'm not sure why, given the huge amount of available screen space here they have opted for small buttons.