Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quick info-blast

Nothing insightful here, just some quick musings:

iPhone 4s
  • It's the iPhone, but a bit more iPhoney, no real surprises here;
  • The battery life is pretty poor. It needs a near daily charge, and that's with me having it switched off for a big chunk of the day, and;
  • I've swapped providers and it turns out that Vodafone don't support visual voicemail. I feel like I'm living in the voicemail-90s. Come back O2, all is forgiven. Apart from you not giving me as a good deal that is.
Mac mini

I'm very happy with my Mac mini, but I think maybe I'm a bit more happy with the hardware; it being all small and shiny and quiet and all. I'm pondering sticking Windows on it, though I do feel because I've been so busy lately (not even had a chance to look at coding on it yet) that I've not had enough time to tinker around with Mac OSX and investigate various applications.

Swapping between different shortcut keys for work and home was driving me bonkers. I've remapped the keys so that Ctrl is now the Apple key (or whatever).

Started (re)learning coding in Python for work, and getting back into the swing of it.

End of transmission.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Some things not to do when collecting survey information

The following are some quick tips on what not to do when surveying your customers when they phone your customer service department.

1. If your customers are asked to take part in the survey before they get to speak to anyone, do not tell your customer service staff whether the person they're talking to is going to be taking part in the survey or not. Oddly enough, such an approach may bias the results of your survey.

2. Try to be consistent with the mapping between rating scales and the action required from your users/customers. Swapping between 1 means yes and 2 means no on the keypad, to a rating scale of 1 to 7 where 1 is the worst possible response is not a good idea. The button that your users push may not correspond to the rating that they actually wish to give.