About the writer

This is me. In blue. This is a blog about things that interest me, mainly philosophy, society, and human-computer interaction. More often than not these things blend together.

This is mainly a blog about my studies. Writing blog entries turned out to be a better way of making and searching notes and thoughts than scrawling them onto paper. The blog isn't entirely introverted however, it is here for other people to read, think about, and argue with.

You shouldn't assume that anything on this blog is well researched and thoroughly thought through. A lot of it might be. But, as said above it is mainly a way of helping me to actively engage with the material I'm studying.

In my day job I work for a large UK based technology firm. I bridge the gap between people and machines, thoughts and execution. I've been branching out, and growing my understanding about collections of people and the constructs that they create. I'm a User Experience Architect, a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Consultant, a Human Behaviour researcher, or a Human Factors Engineer; depending upon the job I'm doing and who I'm working for. At root, it's all largely the same thing.

I launched this blog when I was studying for an MA in Philosophy with the Open University. My thesis related to transhumanism as an extreme form of multiculturalism, and explored the tensions raised and their solutions in the context of liberal egalitarianism.

Currently I am girding myself to start a PhD, so I'm doing some background reading....