Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wi-fi woes on Mac Mini

I've got the new Apple Mac Mini, and the wifi connection has been a little flakey since day one. It doesn't lose a connection to the router (also an Apple product) but it seems to just stop talking to the Internet every so often, or at least slow down a lot. To add to the frustration the Apple TV will cheerfully see and access my iTunes library on the Windows box, yet can only see but not connect to the library on the Apple box. Tsk.

I had a quick look at what channels the neighbours were using for their wi-fi connection, and although there didn't seem to be a problem I thought I'd move over a bit anyway. So, using my Apple Mac Mini, connecting to my Apple router, using the default Apple tool for the Apple router I set the channel of the wifi network to 13. Thirteen I figured was a good one to go for. At the end of the channel list, and a lot of people would avoid it due to its alleged 'unluckyness'. All Appled up I made the switch. And the Apple Mac Mini repeatedly refused to connect to the Apple router. Nothing.

Using my Windows box, running a Microsoft operating system, I was successfully connected to the router and changed the channel to 9 and have successfully connected again. Fingers crossed this will solve the other problems too. Fun times.


Fingers uncrossed, switching channels on the router did solve the problem.


  1. I have this very same problem. Did switching channels help?

  2. It did, yes. I have had trouble free networking ever since.